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evolutions Mask™— softwear update 2.0*

Providing the Most Advanced Source of Conversation Mufflers Throughout the Ages

Discover for yourself just how far we’ve developed! From primitive times to the second space age, our revolutionary evolutions™ line of products continues to supplement the human form, with both style and comfort. When it comes to time travel-compliant headgear, ours has been, and always will be, the natural selection!

What’s new in this update: Our latest softwear build is structured with an attractive blend of breathable, washable and reusable poly-fiber fabric. Improvements to the humanoid chain of progress include, but are not limited to…

Nanobot Repelling Technology

Wormhole Mouth Guard

Pandemic Filtration System

Cosmic Dust Shield

Aegis Screening

Planetary Particle Expulsion

Nose Cap

Reach the pinnacle of augmented anatomical design! 

Temporarily alter your life’s form today!


*Each mask can be individualized with YOUR imagination and OUR assortment of iron-on patches.

(sold separately - irons not included)