Time Travel Sickness Pills

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TK Brand™ Time Travel Sickness Pills are guaranteed to stop the symptoms of chronotosis before they start. Vomit stains on the upholstery of your time machine will be things of the past.

Imported to this time period by Mac Barnett & Jon Korn.  

1 Review

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    All my acid retention blobs are smiling!

    Posted by Fleep (of the Drogiz, NOT the Florbibs) on May 8th 2022

    I picked up a few bottles of these TK Brand Time Travel Sickness Pills from Preceptor Sidereal IV’s Time Travel Agency and Shoppe - and boy am I glad I did! I normally suffer from acute Time Tummy when I make multiple jumps - but these little pills stopped that before it even started. An unfortunate side-effect was that it also freshened my breath, but that was a small price to pay. (translated from Drogiz Squeaks)