Wormhole Map Poster

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This handy guide for returning from the Cretaceous Period is both functional for the seasoned time traveler and beautiful for home decoration! Now you'll be able to time-travel the galaxy in style (without missing the Universe's Largest Cheeseburger)!

Written by J. Ryan Stradal and designed by Wilfred Castillo 18" x 24"

1 Review

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    No longer lost in the the Wormhole Connundrum

    Posted by Fester P. Quandary on May 20th 2022

    I have been planning on visiting the Sloan Great Wall for some ‘time’ now, but couldn’t find the right Wormhole jumps to get there in the vaca time I had allotted. Fortunately, I happened to stop into my local Time Travel Mart and I couldn't believe my five eyes! They had most updated Wormhole map poster (the one including the best Taco Truck in the universe) So I tossed out my old the Mand RaCally WormWay guide and have been worming my way all over the galaxy.