Los Angeles Scavenger: The Ultimate Search for Los Angeles's Hidden Tr – Time Travel Mart
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Los Angeles Scavenger: The Ultimate Search for Los Angeles's Hidden Treasures


They say nobody walks in LA, but with LA Scavenger in hand you’ll ditch the car and discover Los Angeles’s hidden treasures that you’d otherwise zip past. This fun and interactive scavenger hunt will help you see the city in a completely new way as you walk or roll to locate under-the-radar and iconic landmarks. Set off on an exciting journey to uncover over 300 locations in neighborhoods all over LA and neighboring cities. You’ll use photos and rhyming clues to find eclectic public art, unique architecture, iconic restaurants, and other often-overlooked sights. Explore secret gardens, hidden staircases, and historic cemeteries where LA’s famous and forgotten names are buried. Find a charming shop that’s been making mochi for over 100 years and a Jewish deli full of rock history and pastrami. You’ll also visit a storied hotel that hosted the first Academy Awards ceremony, a Victorian mansion that became a clubhouse for magicians, and an Art Deco sculpture that guards a lake. Even if you’re familiar with some of the locations, the poetic clues will reveal fascinating trivia and give you a fresh perspective on the neighborhood. Food and travel writer Danny Jensen brings his love for Los Angeles and enthusiasm for exploring hidden histories and secret places to this unique guidebook. With this one-of-a-kind scavenger hunt, you can team up with your family, challenge your friends, or solve the clues on your own to test your knowledge of the city. Perfect for both visitors and longtime Angelenos, LA Scavenger will help you explore new neighborhoods, look at familiar locations in new ways, and train your eye to find the tiny details that tell a larger story. Enjoy the adventure!