Doors to Our Future – Time Travel Mart
Attention: June 25 - 27, our Time Travel Marts in Echo Park and Mar Vista will be closed for a brief time jump. Our online portal remains open 24/7, no matter the era!

Doors to Our Future

From the classroom to the publishing house, the stories you will find in this book are the result of a partnership between the students and educators of 74th Street Elementary School and the staff, College Corps Fellows, and volunteers of 826LA. When asked to imagine and describe a special portal that took students to their unique future, they responded with uninhibited descriptions, sensory details aplenty, and narratives that take us right alongside the journey with them. From flying cars to friendly crocodiles to candy-coated planets, the future is looking bright. Enjoy this sneak peek into the world ahead–it is exciting, bold, and filled with magic!