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Each Little Leaf


Each Little Leaf, by the students of Ánimo Venice Charter High School with a foreword by Dolores Huerta, is a collection of stories about the smallest moments that end up changing our lives. It is a book about the consequences of the seemingly inconsequential, the inescapable impact of a single moment—of decision, laughter, or even the impact of individual reactions on our realities.
"Each Little Leaf is a book filled with stories of LA’s young people—from a girl’s first communion, to understanding life and death, and even a police roundup of homeless people. As a teacher and organizer, I always knew that young people were our greatest hope—for all families, immigrant to native-born, everyone looking for a better life. The students at Ánimo Venice High School have dreams and ganas, a desire to make a change in their lives and communities. Their ánimo, their spirit inspires me." From the foreword by Dolores Huerta.
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