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Lowriders to the Rescue


The next books in the acclaimed Lowriders series combines comics, Spanish, mixing cultures, science, superheroes, and first loves for an out-of-this-world graphic novel experience. 

A changing planet means new problems—and new friends—for nuestros amigos favoritos!

Meet Lupe, a whip-smart impala with a flair for mechanics, Flapjack, a sweet young octopus who can shine up anything with his eight gleaming tentacles, and Elirio, a thoughtful mosquito who’s fascinated with words and determined to become an artist.

What do all three have in common?  A love of lowriders—and a passion for solving problems!

Nothing is normal in the little town where the Lowriders live. To start, Flappy can’t see a thing! He keeps mistaking fire hydrants for sailors and laundry for love interests. Even more worrying, the Upscale Business Association is determined to make more money than ever by tearing down local shops in favor of a brand-new development for wealthy landowners. Most disconcerting of all, the monarchs who usually migrate through town at this time of year are nowhere to be found. But when Sokar, a beautiful young monarch, bikes into town with a broken wing, she has scary news to report: A dangerous wildfire is burning fast and hot and nonstop, leaving the monarchs stranded.

Might Sokar and Flappy have more in common than meets the goggles? How can the Lowriders save their town? And exactly how powerful is passion in the face of an overheated planet’s furious flames?

Humor, Spanish, and lowriders come together in this rollicking journey through the bumpy terrain of new friends, climate change, and standing up for what you believe in. ¡Vámonos!

ACCLAIMED SERIES: Books in the Lowriders series have won the Pura Belpré award, and won the hearts of readers and reviewers. Discover why kids—and their adults—love reading about the Lowriders!

PERFECT FOR RELUCTANT READERS: Bold illustrated spreads, funny storylines, and lots to look at on every page keep reluctant readers engaged all the way through these delightfully entertaining books.

DIVERSE CAST OF CHARACTERS: Latinx and Arab cultures are beautifully celebrated in this book, with fascinating facts about these unexpectedly intersecting cultures.

CONTEMPORARY ISSUES FOR KIDS: These books tackle so many contemporary and relevant issues. Readers will learn about monarch butterfly migrations and sustainable energy: The Lowriders refurbish their car to be solar-powered!

VISUALLY DYNAMIC: Raúl’s unique art style is visually refreshing and extremely engaging for kid readers, especially those who love comics and graphic novels!

Perfect for:

  • Fans of the previous Lowriders books
  • Comic and graphic novel lovers
  • Reluctant readers
  • Educators and librarians looking for diverse books