Photographic Zoom Backgrounds – Time Travel Mart
Attention: June 25 - 27, our Time Travel Marts in Echo Park and Mar Vista will be closed for a brief time jump. Our online portal remains open 24/7, no matter the era!

Photographic Zoom Backgrounds

Traveling through time AND space can be exhausting, so as you work to progress your timeline we're here to help confuse your geotags.  Whether you wish to digitally enhance your prehistoric histrionics or simply solidify your space-scape soliloquy, we have you covered. 
Our zoom backgrounds, formatted and formulated for dimensional perfection, can help remind people WHERE you'd like to be, WHO you'd like to be or even WHY you'd like to be. HOW you ask?  Subterfuge.  With artwork created by Til Hafenbrak, Sam Randazzo, Cal Arts Students, M&CSaatchi, Gabriella Sanchez, Meghan DeRoma or photographs taken by Eddie Saucedo and Wilson Swain, the difference between a playful brunch on Mars or a quick trip to the Mart is virtually indistinguishable. Explore the possibilities! 
All donations benefit free programming for 826LA students--our future!