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Planet Life


What did Earth look like 300 million years ago? Page through this gorgeous book and travel back in time to discover the days when Earth was a very different place than it is today. 

In this cleverly designed book, readers can peel back the layers of history by lifting the flaps and vellum pages inside, and compare the plants and animals that lived in prehistoric landscapes with the fossils they left behind. The constantly evolving face of our planet comes to life, while the science behind Earth’s geology and climate is clearly explained.

Packed with fascinating illustrations, this is a wonderful introduction to the earliest single-celled life forms to the mighty dinosaurs and onward to the first human beings.


*2021 Prix Sorcières Award

*2021 BolognaRagazzi Award, Special Mention in Nonfiction 

*2021 Andersen Prize Finalist, Nonfiction


“An exquisitely produced nonfiction book that gives an overview of the evolution of life on earth through fossils and dinosaurs to the first humans…It is good to see a comprehensive book for children about prehistory which is not limited to dinosaurs.” ―Five Books

“An exquisite overview of the evolution of life on earth, from fossils and dinosaurs, to the first humans.” ―Knysna-Plett Herald

“This engaging and beautifully illustrated book will satiate the most curious of minds ... A perfect page-turner for those who are fact-hungry, dinosaur-obsessed, and interested in science and history.”―Bristol Magazine