Remini-scents Candles: Cantrip Candles X TTM – Time Travel Mart
Attention: June 25 - 27, our Time Travel Marts in Echo Park and Mar Vista will be closed for a brief time jump. Our online portal remains open 24/7, no matter the era!

Remini-scents Candles: Cantrip Candles X TTM


Remini-scents are a candle collaboration between the Time Travel Mart and the Los Angeles-based purveyors of magical scents Cantrip Candles. Each container represents a different type of pottery and their scent is blend of items that would be available in each corresponding marketplace. 

A Vast Mercantile: Santal, Cloves, Sandlewood

A Mystical Souk: Myrrh, Honey, Dried Fruit

A Bustling Forum: Rose, Wine, Rosemary

These are 12 oz. soy based candles.