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Send A Sound Re-recordable Greeting Card

Send A Sound is a cassette tape shaped greeting card with a hidden voice recorder inside! Whatever the occasion, really personalize the experience with a re-recordable sound card that they can listen to again and again - and the best part; you don't need a cassette player to listen to this imaginative gift idea either! Easy to use - simply press RECORD to start your message and then seal the card with the included sticker & your Cassette Tape Personalized Gift is ready to send - its that easy! Say happy birthday - literally! Record up to 2 minutes with this re-recordable card - your message plays as soon as the card opens. From wedding gifts to engagement greetings ideas, birthday cards to thank you cards - convey any message with this imaginative audio recorder. This isn't just a voice recorder though - just like other blank cards you can still add a hand written message to accompany your sound card and really make birthday cards come to life. Whether its gifts for boyfriend or gifts for dad now you can really capture the sentiment with a recording device card that they will love! Never be stuck for a present again - mom birthday gifts just got so much easier!