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Those Who Changed Us: Interviews With Our Community


In Those Who Changed Us: Interviews with our Community, 826LA students were asked to find someone in their community and share part of their story. They interview them over the phone, in-person, and via email for this book project. In your hands is the result of their work over several months as these students now share with you what they learned.

This book is a time capsule of someone’s earliest memories to their most recent ones. Echo Park student Jeovanny spoke with long-time volunteer Wilson, who he first
worked with when he was in 4th grade and now interviews as a high school senior. Another student, Guadualpue, interviewed her friend, Gracie, about preparing for the L. A. Marathon and how she got involved in running. Then there is Miranda who interviewed her grandmother about growing up and living in Mexico. In Written In Nail Polish TNT student Edna interviewed author Angel Luis Colon about his life and
what led him to become a writer. 

The individuals interviewed saw our students grow up, shaped their lives, and inspired them. You’ll learn about them and as one TNT student, Johnny, put it, see the “invisible line that connects” us as a community.