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Through the Same Halls


Journeys of Elders Born and Raised in South Central and Beyond
With a foreword by Donald Bakeer
Photography by Star Montana and Las Fotos Project
Elders hold the weight of years in their memories—as witnesses to injustice and in celebrations of triumph and happiness. As a bridge to the past, elders give birth to new generations. Their journeys can inspire us to continue traditions—or to break them. In this book, students at Manual Arts High School have captured cultural, economic, and historical landscapes of the communities they call home in South Central and beyond. The exchange of history is documented through personal narrative, interviews, and photography. In this collection, you will find snapshots of elders who shaped the world that younger generations inherited—and see the faces of the next generation who will shape its future.
“The writing tradition lives [on] at Manual Arts High [...] by writing about the experiences of their elders these students have captured, anecdotally, a history of Mexico, Central America, and, indeed, South Central LA that is undervalued and, mostly overlooked. After seeing their writing published these students will never feel disempowered [...] their friends and family who read what they have written will be proud and, hopefully, encouraged to write themselves.”
—from the foreword by Donald Bakeer

Designed by: Rachel Mendelsohn