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Timeless Wonder erasable book - Dinosaurs


Experience the whimsical world of Jaq Jaq Bird, where dinosaurs chase blue lavas and yetis enjoy cups of hot cocoa while marveling at the dancing aurora borealis. While the existence of yetis may remain debatable, one thing is for certain - the natural wonders of our world are awe-inspiring. These Jaq Jaq Bird coloring set offers fun and mess-free coloring adventures, perfect for unleashing creativity while building motor skills. The set includes four non-toxic butterstix® for vibrant coloring, and it's erasable and reusable, reducing waste with just a simple wipe clean using a damp cloth.

Designed to be compact, flexible, and lightweight, this coloring set is ideal for on-the-go creativity. It conveniently folds to 8" x 8" and expands to 8" x 16" when opened, providing ample space for artistic expression. The set features a built-in storage pocket for butterstix® (sold separately) and a holder, ensuring everything stays organized and within reach. Additionally, it is non-toxic, free of BPA and phthalates, making it safe for children ages 3 and above.